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About us

At J.R. Simpson Lumber, we specialize in the following areas of the lumber cutting and sawmill industry:   Timber Harvesting, Quarter Sawn Lumber,  Hardwood Sales, and Firewood and Sawdust Sales.

James R. Simpson Lumber Limited began in its present location in the 1930’s and was registered in 1939 under the official name in the City of Galt Cambridge.  In the 72 year history of the family operated sawmill, many changes have occurred.  James R. Simpson Senior started the sawmill serving Southern Ontario with no roof and a wooden constructed small platform steam engine operated circular saw while timber was brought in by horses and wagon.  After surviving 2 devastating fires in 1950 and 1970 the sawmill is still thriving into the 21st Century technology era.  Don Simpson Senior took over the business from his father James in the 1960’s and now third and fourth generation sons are carrying on the sawmill business.

One circular saw and one portable band saw produce the lumber we need to supply our customers across Canada and into the United States while still giving a personalized service that is rarely seen these days in the lumber business.  We value our name, honesty, and product, by giving our customers the very best service in the tradition of the J.R. Simpson Lumber heritage.

Our services in this area include:

Standing timber estimating and marking with current timber market value prices.

Quality workmanship with dependable Timber Bush Crews.

Specialty and selective timber cutting.

Work in conjunction with By Law Officers guided by land owner’s preferences with regards to timber cutting and timber selection.